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Detailed information on the Kozy Carrier and its founder, Kelley Mason, including its unique features, FAQs, how to wear your Kozy, and testimonials from satisfied customers!
Choose from our collection of In Stock Kozy's, or have your Kozy custom made:

To order a Kozy ready to ship right away, view the options on our In Stock page.To order your custom made Kozy, choose a fabric from the KOZY FABRICS link. 

Since the Kozy was 'born' in Virginia, Kozy's have been named for her cities, towns and hollers. Now that the Kozy is made in New Zealand, we're carrying on that tradition with New Zealand place names.
Custom Kozy details:
  • The KOZY body is made from heavy weight cotton canvas and can be ordered in natural, black, and chocolate.
  • A solid or print fabric or your choice is added to the front to accent your KOZY. This makes it reversible with two different "looks".
  • OPTIONS: Front pocket - add $10; XL straps - add $5
  • SHIPPING (allow up to four weeks for delivery): $12 ~ anywhere on Earth!